People Power Outsourcing has been created and crafted by individuals who are purpose driven and ultimately passionate about changing the current monotonous, stale, unregulated and largely outdated corporate approaches to employment.

With a fresh focus and spirited humanitarian influence, People Power Outsourcing are set to change the face of labour broking, outsourcing and contractual employment as we know it.

By definition Employment is:-  An activity or service performed for another especially for compensation or as an occupation.

Employment is an agreement between employer and an employee that the employee will provide certain services. In return, the employee is paid a salary or hourly wage.

Although employees can negotiate certain items in an employment agreement, the terms and conditions are primarily determined by the employer.

In South Africa we are furthermore governed by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997.

Whilst there is a transactional agreement as stated in the respective contracts, there is no focus or emphasis placed on the RELATIONSHIP that is created in such an engagement.

People Power Outsourcing is driven by the human component. People Power Outsourcing is not about trading in manpower. It is about providing a potential employee with an opportunity to develop skills, become financially enabled and above all, harness the individual’s ability to become self -sustainable, and a valued contributor to the world at large.

People Power Outsourcing is furthermore about developing human talent, providing job creation, and true empowerment through equity. Every individual is seen as a blank canvas that once equipped with the relevant skills, ability backed by motivation, could create a masterpiece.

People Power Outsourcing is the chain that links you, our valued client with the best human resource solution for your business. As our client, you are not simply a figure on the balance sheet, you are the wheels of future driven propulsion, and jointly we endeavour to create economic growth and development, that is mutually beneficial.

People Power Outsourcing is about directly impacting (targeting) the dire levels of unemployment in South Africa. Currently the unemployment rate of youth aged 15 to 24 years of age is at a shocking 63.9%. The age group 25 to 34 are currently at a rate of 42.1% We are a company that is committed to making a difference to these statistics, whilst the focus aimed at even more upliftment in these sectors. By providing fair, equitable and sustainable employment, individual by individual.


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